Breakthrough Discovery Finds Oxytocin Spray Creates Trust

When could you use a boost in the trust people feel toward you?

You want to meet someone new
          You see her across the crowded bar, or in the produce aisle, or waiting in line at the bank–the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. Swallow hard, put on a smile and move closer to say hello. What will she see? A great guy…someone she wants to get to know better? Or a shark with some cheap talk?

You want to have a closer relationship with your significant other

          Maybe you're not as close as you used to be. Maybe there's less passion in your relationship or you feel like there's been a fall off in intimacy. Openness and trust lay the groundwork for a closer relationship.

You're looking for a new job
          Your resumé got you in the door. But plenty of other people have great resumés, too. Convincing the interviewer that you're the best choice for the job is what seals the deal. How will you stand out? Is the interviewer open to what you have to say? Or will they consider you just another number with a well-rehearsed pitch.

You want to close a sale
          It doesn't matter how good your pitch is if your potential customer thinks you're just another salesman who's looking out for your own bottom line, not his. Sure, you have to have a good product or service and a great presentation, but the trick is getting them to trust you. Do that and your numbers go through the roof.

You're asking for a raise
          She knows why you've asked for the meeting. You can see her defenses go up as she thinks, "Here we go again, one of my staff looking for a raise, stretching my budget." Make your case with hard facts and a good story, but you'll win the raise if she's really ready to listen with an open mind.

You ever talk to
    or meet with,
    or get close to other people. Or plan to in the future!

Liquid Trust Uses Oxytocin Spray to Create Trusting Environment

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Scientists have found that oxytocin spray causes many of the same effects, when absorbed through the nasal passages, as oxytocin released from the hypothalmus, where it's naturally created in the body.

What are those effects? For starters, your brain reacts less fearfully, less anxiously than it normally would. Stress is reduced. Someone exposed to oxytocin is more open to greater intimacy, and they feel more content.Oxytocin also makes people more trusting and more understanding of others.

Spray on oxytocin and the person you want to meet at the bar is more willing to talk to you. The person interviewing you for a job is more receptive to your story. Your boss considers your request for a raise or to lead a new project with an open mind. That potential customer is ready to listen to you make your pitch, rather than shutting you out.

When it comes to relationships, it all starts with trust.

Liquid Trust, is the first atmosphere enhancement spray to contain Oxytocin. Vero Labs, the maker of Liquid Trust, provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for a full two months.