Oxytocin and … irrational exuberance?

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Well, Dr. Zak – who really might as well change his name to Dr. Oxytocin – is at it again. This time he's examining whether stock market bubbles have a physiological basis. You guessed it: oxytocin. The hormone may play a role in investors' willingness to trust people they don't know well, which may have led to irrational investment decisions and market bubbles. For more information on his talk, go to the press release at http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20100830005994/en.

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More oxytocin receptors lead to greater monogamy

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Psychology Today recently published an article comparing monogamy in certain types of animals, including prairie voles, meadow voles and barn swallows, with each other and with humans. Prairie voles and humans had the most oxytocin receptors and were also more regularly monogamous than most of the other animals in the study. Meadow voles, which generally are not monogamous, became a lot more faithful to a single mate when researchers increased the number of oxytocin receptors in their brains.

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New Website Takes a Look at Liquid Trust

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Liquid Trust is the world's first oxytocin in a spray form, and a new website has come online with a review of the product. Take a look at this link:

Liquid Trust Info


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Do You Have Approach Anxiety?

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An oxytocin nasal spray like Liquid Trust can go a long way toward making your conversation with someone new a great success. However, if the possibility of being turned down keeps you from even getting close enough to start the conversation, you'll never get the chance to develop that deeper connection. I've found a couple of videos that can help you start to ease that anxiety and get you close enough so you can take the next step. Actually, one video will help in that way. The other will only work if you're…well, if you're Benny Hill.



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Great Tips for Getting Closer

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This is jusssst a little bit late for Valentine's Day, but the suggestions from Dr. Zak, probably the best-known researcher of oxytocin's behavioral effects, are fantastic for any time of the year if you'd like to get closer to someone special.


The five suggestions in the video have been shown to increase oxytocin naturally. Be sure to watch the video, but here are the tips:

  1. Take him or her out to dinner.
  2. Sit in a hot tub together.
  3. Take a walk (even bring the dog if you want).
  4. Give him or her a back massage.
  5. Do something exciting together.

Of course, you can also get that trust boost using Liquid Trust oxytocin nasal spray!

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“A Profound Calming Effect”

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That's how one researcher described the effects of oxytocin. In her book, Inner Peace for Busy Women, Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. describes the oxytocin released by touching and even talking as having a profound calming effect.

Again, women seem to be more receptive to the effects of oxytocin than men, and some of the key ways they are able to boost their levels of the trust hormone include touching, especially skin-to-skin, and talking with others.

No one has really defined what type of talk spurs oxytocin release, but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that it doesn't have to be quoting Walt Whitman verses or whispering sweet nothings. (On the other hand, you probably don't want to come off as an intense, creepy, stalker type either). Just talk. Nice easy conversation. Put the focus on her: what do you like to do, where did you grow up, that's a beautiful bracelet…where did you get it. Get the picture?

See an article discussing the book here.

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