Spray on some oxytocin and watch your sales increase. Not only does oxytocin make your customer more willing to listen to what you have to say, it helps you stay relaxed and on top of your game. That's a great combination to help you close the deal.

Trust Is Critical

When you are going in on a sales call what do you think is the biggest factor in getting the sale? You are right if you said trust. This is because you can have the best product and the best price but if you do not have the trust from the person you are speaking with then chances are you will not get him or her to say yes to your product or company. What if you could have trust in a spray bottle?

How Oxytocin Spray Works

Today you can use a product that will form a biological trust between you and your sales prospect. Oxytocin is a neuropetide which claims to biologically form trust between human beings. All you do is spray the product on after your morning shower.

The time released formula means it will be active all day. You will have a leg up on your competition when you are making your sales calls. The person you are selling to will already sense you as a person he or she can trust.

The way the product works is a little beyond the scope of this article, as it requires understanding a series of chemical reactions, but the bottom line is that people are more willing to take a risk in the interpersonal social action they are involved in when they are exposed to this product.

Safely, Ethically Close More Sales

This means for you the sales person you are more likely to have a prospect willing to say yes to your sales presentation. The product has no side effects and is safe to use on a regular basis.

Of course the product is for right intentioned people. If you have a bad product and a company with a poor service record then you should not try to use the advantage of this product to sell to people.