Her Big Fat Geek Wedding

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A science writer for the New Scientist magazine was recently married, and she decided to turn the occasion into an experiment. She had a scientist who studies oxytocin take blood samples from her, the groom, their family members and people in the wedding party both before and after the wedding.

Some of what they found, even though it's not a huge, statistically valid study, is really good news for people who are interested in using oxytocin spray as a way to help them have better relationships. Not only did the people tested at the wedding have higher levels of oxytocin, the scientist who did the study suggested that they were brought closer together emotionally through that extra oxytcin. On top of that, they were probably more empathetic or sensitive to each other. So we know that oxytocin spray causes most of the same benefits of oxytocin released in the brain. Now we see that it gives even more of a boost to people hoping to get along better with other people.

Oh, and for the men in the audience, women seem to react more strongly to the positive effects of oxytocin. So next time you're at a wedding, just remember that there's not going to be much better of a time to try your latest line–she's ready to listen!

(Of course, you could bring that feeling with you wherever you go, with oxytocin spray. Just go to the home page to learn more about that).

Click the link to read the whole New Scientist article.

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