As you already know, if you’ve looked around our site, oxytocin is a substance that is made by a small gland within the human brain. A variety of factors can stimulate the brain to begin manufacturing this hormone. Some of those factors include sexual intimacy and breastfeeding. Oxytocin has been shown to be valuable for social bonding in such areas as selecting a partner or becoming closer to your children. Indeed, oxytocin is sometimes known as the “cuddle hormone.”

Scientists have found that oxytocin provides an assist to a wide array of our social activities. Oxytocin helps people be less on edge when facing new circumstances. It also helps people be more willing to trust someone else during the process of creating a business or intimate relationship.

A company called Vero Labs has discovered a special formulation that mixes this powerful hormone with what they call an “atmosphere enhancing spray” that is nearly odorless. They named their discovery “Liquid Trust.”

Because it has a very light smell, you can use Liquid Trust along with your favorite cologne or with no other scent at all. The scientists at Vero Labs designed the formula to be time released, which means its effects will last for several hours after you spray it on. And because it is made of a naturally-occurring hormone you won’t experience any side effects from using it.

If you want to experience the effects that enhancing the natural levels of trust in others can do for your relationships, just apply a couple of sprays before you leave for the interview, ask for a raise or go out to meet friends or someone new. You will gain an edge that not many people have: The Power of Trust.

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