Oxytocin spray has become a very popular product and is widely used to assist people in social situations, including singles hoping to meet someone new. Oxytocin is called the trust hormone, and is believed to be and has been promoted as a hormone spray that can help you to meet someone new. This hormone has a history of also being used in some medical situations and also to help women during childbirth.

What Studies Say About Oxytocin

Basically all mammals have some level of oxytocin. Studies have found that when certain primates are choosing a mate their levels of this hormone increases exponentially. It has also been found that levels also increase with animals that are monogamous, when they are choosing a mate for life.

This hormone can also be found in humans since our brain produces it naturally. Also it has been found that, in humans, during certain intimate situations such as sex, Oxytocin is emitted in massive amounts. Thus it is possible that using the product will help you in your choice of a mate by getting them to like you.

How Oxytocin Helps Singles Meet Someone New

Here are some of the key benefits of using this spray. There are studies that have shown that when people are exposed to oxytocin spray they were a lot friendlier with a greater willingness to talk and socialize with others. Scientists found that they were much more trusting and were more likely to trust people with their money. People exposed to oxytocin spray were also assisted in identifying the different emotions, voice tones and facial expressions.

Thus anyone using this product will have a somewhat easier time making friends and getting close to someone. People will feel comfortable around you making it a small task to be yourself.

Oxytocin spray has been marketed to those persons who are single. It is believed that potential partners are more likely to see you as someone they can trust.