Raise wife’s oxytocin levels: 1 of 5 tips for more sex

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Fox News' resident sexologist, Logan Levkoff, recently provided a list of 5 tips to "Get Your Wife to Have More Sex With You." Nothing terribly earth shattering in the list, as you'll see:

  1. Snuggle, Don't Grope
  2. Don't Treat Us Like Porn Stars
  3. Do Unto Others
  4. Give Us Space
  5. Talk — And Listen

However, in tip #1 (Snuggle, Don't Grope) we find this interesting quote: "Did you know that studies show that if you hug for partner for 30 seconds it raises her oxytocin levels? Oxytocin is a hormone that makes us feel loving and connected and helps put us in the mood. So start with a hug."

30 seconds! Hug your wife for 30 seconds!! You can do that, I promise. It will make her feel great, and you may, just may find a fantastic reward for your thoughtfulness.

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